Male Breast Reduction Surgery Results

At The Landings Surgery Centre, our skilled doctors offer male breast reduction, taking care to evaluate and prepare every patient before the surgery in order to ensure optimal results. Gynecomastia, enlarged male breasts due to excess fat, skin, and tissue, can cause men to avoid activities such as swimming and sports due to embarrassment. The male breast reduction surgery performed at our Halifax, NS, surgical center helps to restore confidence and self-esteem with results that can be life-changing.

Gynecomastia Surgery

Following a consultation with Dr. Richard Bendor-Samuel or Dr. Louis Boileau, the patient will undergo one of two procedures. Many patients will see excellent results through ultrasonic liposuction without much scarring. More extensive cases may require a procedure involving a small incision to remove the excess fat and tissue, which may leave some scarring. Whichever procedure the doctor performs, the patient can expect to wear a compression garment for about two weeks during recovery. Most patients return to work in a week and resume other activities in about a month.

About six months after the procedure, most men will see the final results of the surgery.

Surgery Results

Most men will notice results immediately after their surgery, due to the removal of fat and tissue from the area. These results will improve as the patient continues to heal, with final results usually visible after about six months. Patients will experience some swelling following their surgery. As they heal, patients will notice the results from their surgery improving with time. About six months after the procedure, most men will see the final results of the surgery. 

Close-up of a man's chest
Gynecomastia, or enlarged breast tissue in men, is common and can be treated.


Because both types of gynecomastia surgery require incisions, all men who undergo the procedure will experience some scarring. The doctors will do their best to keep the incisions concealed by making them in the natural contours of the patient’s chest. Some patients, however, will require larger incisions, and the scars from these will remain visible even after fading. While scars will fade during the healing process, they will remain permanently.

Follow-Up Surgeries

The doctors will do their best to remove all excess fat, skin, and tissue during surgery to provide optimal results. Unfortunately, no guarantees exist when it comes to surgery. Occasionally, the surgery fails to provide the desired results. In these cases, the doctors will perform a follow-up surgery to reposition the breast or provide additional tightening of the skin. Sometimes, the doctor may find another surgery necessary to correct complications resulting from the original procedure.

Maintaining Results 

The majority of patients find that their upper bodies finally look the way they should, resulting in increased confidence and self-esteem. Most men find that the procedure helps them look better, whether in the gym, at the pool, or dressed in a suit and tie. In order to maintain results, patients should practice a healthy lifestyle after surgery. Although the surgery is meant to be permanent, gynecomastia can return as a result of steroid use, significant weight gain, certain medical conditions, or drugs that influence testosterone levels. 

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Gynecomastia is not something that you just need to live with. If you would like to learn more about male breast reduction surgery and the results our doctors can provide, contact our office today.

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