Facelifts for Men: Important Considerations By The Landings Surgical Centre on January 10, 2021

man smiling wearing a blue shirtAging and prolonged exposure to harsh environmental elements can all take a toll on the body, and the face in particular. Many individuals find that loose skin, sunken facial features, wrinkles and creases make their face look much older than their actual age. 

These effects impact both men and women, which is why the plastic surgeons at The Landings Surgical Centre, serving Halifax, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island, offer cosmetic treatment for all genders. A facelift tightens and contours facial skin to restore a more youthful appearance. When performing a facelift for men there are important considerations that our surgeons take into account to promote successful surgical results.

Incision Placement

Just like any other surgical procedure, a facelift will result in some degree of scarring. Our surgeons carefully place incisions where any resulting scars will be easily concealed. When we perform facelift surgery for women, incision placement is simpler, because a woman’s hairline can often easily hide scars. Men, who tend to have shorter hair or receding hairlines, do not have the same luxury.

To provide men with discreet facelift scars, we usually make incisions in the natural facial creases. Most often, male facelift incisions are placed at the natural crease where the ear meets the head, though they can also be made in the crease under the chin. This results in scars that are not easily noticeable.

Facial Hair

Another important consideration for our male Halifax patients is facial hair. To tighten sagging skin it is common to lift and sculpt the skin during facelift surgery. This may also lift the sideburns and the location of facial hair, such as a beard. Our surgeons are very careful when lifting and tightening the skin of a male patient to ensure that facial hair remains in its proper position, so that we can provide natural looking results.

Avoiding a Feminine Appearance

Just like most women, our male patients prefer to have firm facial skin and well-defined facial features. However, when working with males, our surgeons are careful not to overly lift or tighten the skin. Men tend to have more defined and stronger facial features, such as a broad jawline. It is important that we do not pull skin too tightly over these features or they could look too delicate and feminine.

Increased Weight of Facial Skin

Another important difference between men and women is the thickness of the facial skin. Male facial skin is usually thicker than female facial skin, which also makes it heavier. Heavier skin is more likely to drop as the skin heals and facelift results settle. Our surgeons take preemptive countermeasures to prevent facial skin from sagging or dropping after facelift surgery.

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