Face Lift Surgery

Sagging skin and wrinkles can make you look much older than you feel. Creams and other treatments can only do so much to address aging.

At The Landings Surgical Centre, our surgeons can perform a face lift to smooth wrinkles for a dramatically more youthful appearance.

So why should you consider a face lift?

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Reverse Signs of Aging  with Face Lift Surgery

Overall More Youthful Appearance

During face lift surgery, Dr. Richard Bendor-Samuel and Dr. Louis Boileau will remove excess skin and smooth wrinkles caused by sun damage or other factors. This process can address signs of aging that make you look tired, unhealthy, or heavier than you are.

Better Facial Definition

Also known as rhytidectomy, a face lift can tighten underlying muscles and refine the contours of your face to restore the definition of your features.

Improved Self-Esteem

After a face lift procedure at our office, patients can expect to look younger, healthier, and more rested. This treatment can provide a renewed sense of self-confidence and even affect your quality of life.

Let's explore the different techniques which are available...

Does a face lift really provide such dramatic results?

The Majority of Patients Are Satisfied with Their Appearance

*According to the Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

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When Is a Good Age for Face Lift Surgery?

Many people often ask what the ideal age is to undergo face lift surgery. Because each individual ages in their own unique way, there is no definite age. Patients who are younger and do not require a dramatic transformation can usually undergo alternative procedures such as a brow lifteyelid surgery, chemical peel, or dermabrasion. A mini face lift can also be a good alternative to a full face lift for patients with less skin laxity. Our skilled cosmetic surgeons can determine whether or not face lift surgery is appropriate for you during your initial consultation. If it is not, they will suggest alternative treatment options.

Once an individual is considered a good candidate for face lift surgery, our surgeons will evaluate the texture, elasticity, and thickness of the skin, as well as the structure of the face. Different types of face lifts are custom-tailored and designed to meet each patient's specific needs. To schedule an initial consultation for face lift surgery, please contact The Landings Surgical Centre today.

The Face Lift Procedure

During the face lift procedure, the surgeon creates incisions behind the ear and around the earlobe. Next, facial skin is separated from its underlying tissues and pulled upward and repositioned to smooth out the skin. Excess skin is trimmed away. An extra incision may be created below the chin to remove excess fat and tissue from the area and smooth out the underlying muscles for a more natural look. The result is a younger-looking, more refreshed appearance.

Recovery from Face Lift Surgery

Most face lift patients are able to return to their normal activities approximately two weeks after surgery, depending on the extent of their procedure. Individuals who undergo more complex face lift procedures may need up to four weeks to fully recover. Because the healing process is gradual, patients should expect to wait several weeks to see the final results of their face lift procedure. Because face lift incisions are placed in inconspicuous locations behind the hairline and ear, they usually remain very well concealed. The incisions can also be hidden with makeup. Patients are recommended to use sunscreen of SPF 15 or higher for at least one year because skin will be sensitive.

Types of Facelifts  Reviewing Your Options

Patients interested in achieving a more youthful appearance through facial cosmetic surgery have many facelift options, including a full, mid, mini, and lower facelift. The surgeons at The Landings Surgical Centre can review the types of facelifts offered at their Halifax, Nova Scotia, practice. Though they are all highly effective, the procedures are all designed to achieve different results. With their artistic skill and extensive experience, our surgeons can recommend the right type of face lift for your specific aesthetic goals. 

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Full Facelift

A full facelift is the most extensive method of facial plastic surgery. The procedure can enhance your entire face, including your eyebrows, neck, and the area under your eyes. A full facelift may be the solution if you want to eliminate:

  • Sagging skin in your mid and lower face
  • Deep wrinkles below your eyes
  • Jowls or a double chin
  • Deep wrinkles or lines below your mouth
  • Fallen pockets of fat

The incisions for a full facelift will extend from your temples and around your ears to the back of your hairline. Since we will address the facial muscles, as well as the skin, a full facelift can achieve subtle and natural-looking results. 

Mid, Mini, and Lower Facelifts

  • Mid Facelifts: This facelift addresses the tissue just below the eyes and near the cheeks. The incisions will be smaller and deeper than the incisions made in a traditional facelift. This allows for greater access to the muscles in this area. This procedure is best suited for patients who simply want to enhance their appearance, and do not desire major enhancement. Facial implants or fat grafting are sometimes used in a mid facelift or instead of a mid facelift. 
  • Mini Facelifts: A mini facelift targets a much smaller area of your face. If you have just started to show signs of aging, a mini facelift may be right for you. This option can be an effective way to address sagging around your cheeks and deep creases around your mouth and nose. For this facelift type, we will place smaller incisions in front of your ears, extending to just under your earlobes, allowing us to raise the muscles around your cheeks and nose.
  • Lower Facelift: This type of facelift targets the bottom third of your face. This method of facial cosmetic surgery can reduce smile lines around the mouth, eliminate jowls, enhance the look of your jaw, and lift corners of the mouth. A lower facelift is similar to other facelift types in that the incisions will be made along your ears and hairline. This type of facelift is appropriate for anyone wishing to gain a more youthful appearance and is suitable for patients of all ages. 
  • Many times your surgeon will customize your facelift to deal with the specific issues that pertain to you personally. This will help to minimize scars and costs where at all possible. Dr. Bendor-Samuel and Dr. Boileau's goal is to achieve the most harmonious result possible that leaves you looking refreshed and invigorated.

Augmenting Your Facelift

To help enhance facelift results, patients sometimes undergo additional lift techniques, including:      

  • Neck lift: We sometimes recommend neck lift surgery in conjunction with facelift surgery, resulting in a more harmonious effect. Neck lift surgery can reduce loose skin on your neck, deep creases or a banded effect, jowls or a double chin, and hanging skin between your chin and neck. 
  • Brow lift: Brow lifts are a highly customized procedure, and greatly depend on your goals and personal preferences. A brow lift can eliminate deep horizontal creases in your forehead, sagging in your upper face, frown lines, and drooping skin around your eyes. During a traditional brow lift, we will create an incision along your hairline, through which he will eliminate excess tissue. 
  • Eye lift: For a more alert, youthful look, eyelid surgery can enhance a relatively small area of your face, but the results can be transformative. An eye lift can reduce drooping upper or lower lids, bags or creases below your eyes, and displaced fat deposits below your eyes or in your eyelids.

Our surgeons will review your treatment options with you to determine if you may want to supplement your facelift procedure with additional cosmetic surgeries to enhance your appearance to the fullest. 

Not Ready for a Facelift?  Non-Surgical Facelift Alternatives

If you are unwilling to commit to a facelift, there are several non-invasive alternatives that can significantly improve your skin's texture and appearance. Dr. Bendor-Samuel and Dr. Boileau can meet with you to discuss your treatment goals, helping you choose the right option for your needs. Non-invasive alternatives such as injectable treatments, skin resurfacing, and collagen induction can greatly enhance your appearance. 

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Injectable Treatments 

We offer a variety of injectable skin treatments including BOTOX® Cosmetic. By placing the injections at carefully planned locations, we can reduce the habitual movements that cause wrinkles.

In particular, BOTOX® Cosmetic can be a great way to eliminate horizontal creases in your forehead, as well as crow’s feet and frown lines. Treatment results can last up to four months. Ongoing treatments will help maintain your results.

If you are not ready for a facelift, you can still enjoy a rejuvenated look. We can carefully evaluate your needs, choosing the treatment regimen that will yield the most effective results.

Dermal fillers are another injectable skin treatment. These gels can fill in deep creases, especially around your mouth and nose. They can reduce scars, from conditions such as acne. We may recommend dermal fillers to enhance facial volume. For instance, if you have sagging skin in your cheek area, or if you have naturally thin lips, dermal fillers can give you a younger, plumper appearance.  

Skin Resurfacing

Fine wrinkles, scars, and irregular pigmentation are often located on the outermost layers of your skin. Through a variety of skin resurfacing procedures, we can remove the damaged tissue. The healthy skin below can then take its place.

Microdermabrasion is one of the most common treatments. During this procedure, we will direct a stream of air at the treatment area. This air will contain thousands of microscopic particles, much like sand, which removes the top layer of skin.

Chemical peels have similar results. During this procedure, a chemical solution will be applied to the treatment area. These solutions are available in various strengths. A mild peel can rejuvenate your skin. A deep peel can target scars, pigment irregularities, and other more serious blemishes.

Dermabrasion is another method that is used frequently at the Landings Surgical Centre. This is different than microdermabrasion in the depth of the skin treatment and also in the expected result. The downtime is longer and it may not be a suitable treatment for all patients. It can be used for the treatment of acne scars as well as in facial aging. It can tighten the skin without the added scars of a facelift.

Clinical Skin Care

Your body naturally produces collagen. This protein makes your skin flexible, and it aids in the reproduction of new skin cells. As you grow older, collagen production slows down. Through collagen induction therapy (CIT), or micro-needling, we can improve skin elasticity. Since these treatments will stimulate natural collagen production, results can last for months, or even years.

During CIT, we will treat your skin with a roller, containing tiny needles. By creating microscopic punctures, the skin roller will stimulate your body’s natural healing process. In turn, this will increase collagen levels. You will enjoy smoother, younger-looking skin with only minor irritation and virtually no down time.

We also offer a variety of advanced skin products. These topical creams, makeups, and sunscreens are more effective than those available at the drug store. Additionally, we can carefully evaluate your needs, choosing the treatment regimen that will yield the most effective results.

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