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Reverse Signs of Aging with Face Lift Surgery

Also known as rhytidectomy, face lift surgery is offered at our practice. The procedure aims to tighten loose skin on the face and neck, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and elevate underlying soft tissues to create more pleasing contours for a rejuvenated appearance. Serving patients from the areas in and around Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland, the Halifax surgeons at our practice are skilled in the latest face lift surgery techniques for the most natural-looking results.

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When Is a Good Age for Face Lift Surgery?

Many people often ask what the ideal age is to undergo face lift surgery. Because each individual ages in their own unique way, there is no definite age. Patients who are younger and do not require a dramatic transformation can usually undergo alternative procedures such as a brow lifteyelid surgery, chemical peel, or dermabrasion.  A mini face lift can also be a good alternative to a full face lift for patients with less skin laxity. Our skilled cosmetic surgeons can determine whether or not face lift surgery is appropriate for you during your initial consultation. If it is not, they will suggest alternative treatment options.

Once an individual is considered a good candidate for face lift surgery, our surgeons will evaluate the texture, elasticity, and thickness of the skin, as well as the structure of the face. Different types of face lifts are custom-tailored and designed to meet each patient's specific needs. To schedule an initial consultation for face lift surgery, please contact The Landings Surgical Centre today.

The Face Lift Procedure

Illustration of facelift incisionsDuring the face lift procedure, the surgeon creates incisions behind the ear and around the earlobe. Next, facial skin is separated from its underlying tissues and pulled upward and repositioned to smooth out the skin. Excess skin is trimmed away. An extra incision may be created below the chin to remove excess fat and tissue from the area and smooth out the underlying muscles for a more natural look. The result is a younger-looking, more refreshed appearance.

Recovery from Face Lift Surgery

Most face lift patients are able to return to their normal activities approximately two weeks after surgery, depending on the extent of their procedure. Individuals who undergo more complex face lift procedures may need up to four weeks to fully recover. Because the healing process is gradual, patients should expect to wait several weeks to see the final results of their face lift procedure. Because face lift incisions are placed in inconspicuous locations behind the hairline and ear, they usually remain very well concealed. The incisions can also be hidden with makeup. Patients are recommended to use sunscreen of SPF 15 or higher for at least one year because skin will be sensitive.

Find Out How Face Lift Surgery Can Take Years Off Your Appearance

Serving our surrounding areas including Prince Edward Island, and New Brunswick, our Halifax surgeons provide face lift surgery of the highest quality so that patients can benefit from an elegant and rejuvenated appearance. Please contact The Landings Surgical Centre today to schedule an initial consultation for face lift surgery.

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