What to Know about Breast Implant Complications By The Landings Surgical Centre on March 11, 2014

Nova Scotia Breast Implant RisksDo you wish you filled out your shirts better or could flaunt a more feminine silhouette? If so, you are not alone. Many women desire a fuller bust that will make them feel more attractive and confident.

Modern medicine has made attaining a more voluptuous figure possible. Undergoing plastic surgery can improve a patient’s appearance and create fuller breasts, but it does result in a potential complications.

It is vital for Nova Scotia patients to fully assess the risks involved with breast augmentation upfront and to consider their implications before committing to relatively permanent breast implants that can only be removed through surgical means.

Possible Breast Implant Risks

Before undergoing a breast augmentation, it is important to consider the following potential side effects:

  • Surgical complications: Risks such as infections or abnormal bleeding or swelling can occur around the incision or breast implant material days, weeks, or even months after surgery.
  • Rupture or deflation: Whether you opt for gel or saline implants, both can become damaged at any given time. Gel implants can rupture, and saline implants can deflate.
  • Capsular contracture: An inexplicable hardening of the tissue surrounding the implant that can occur months or even years after surgery. This complication is one of the most commons reasons for reoperation.
  • Numbness and pain: Implants may cause a loss of sensation as well as significant pain in the breast and nipple.
  • Neck and back strain: Breast implants may cause back and neck pain, especially when patients opt for a significantly larger size. It may also be difficult to find comfortable sleeping positions.
  • Aesthetic imperfections: Abnormal scarring, asymmetry, incorrect size, wrinkling, and folding may all occur after a breast augmentation. In larger breast implants, there is an increased risk of early onset sagging.
  • Life interference: In rare cases, breast implants can make breastfeeding difficult if not altogether impossible. They can also interfere with accuracy during a routine mammogram exam. If you opt for larger breast implants, they may become a hindrance while attempting to participate in routine physical activities such as sports or exercise.
  • Need for more surgery: All implants eventually wear out and need to be replaced whether due to rupture, capsular contracture, or a change in breast shape.
  • Social implications: Some women have found that large breast implants may come with unwanted attention or judgment from colleagues and peers.

Learn More about Breast Implant Side Effects

While society has associated larger, fuller breasts with increased beauty and self-confidence, it is important to consider the plethora of potential risks and side effects that are also inevitably involved. To further explore and weigh your breast augmentation options, it is important to discuss your desires and concerns with a qualified plastic surgeon who can advise you every step of the way. Make an appointment with the professional staff at The Landings Surgical Centre today in order to ensure that you not only receive sound advice but also the best outcome possible.

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