Mini Facelift vs. Full Facelift: Which is Right for You?

There are many things to think about when considering a facelift, such as whether to choose a mini facelift vs. full facelift. At our HalifaxNova Scotia, practice, we offer both procedures, and are committed to personalized care. At The Landings Surgical Centre, Dr. Richard Bendor-Samuel and Dr. Louis Boileau can help you determine which procedure will give you the results you desire. To learn more about full and mini facelifts, and which one is best suited to your needs, contact us today

Full Facelift

A full, or traditional, facelift will address your entire face, including your neck and eyebrows. The procedure can address sagging skin in your cheek, chin, and jaw areas. It can reduce creases between your mouth and nose, deep wrinkles under your eyes, and displaced fat deposits. A full facelift is sometimes performed in conjunction with a neck lift, for more comprehensive results.

Once general anesthesia has been administered, and you are resting comfortably, the first step of the procedure will be to create the incisions, which will be made around your ears from your temples, and down to your neck. Carefully lifting the skin in these areas, we will then raise your facial muscles and trim any excess skin.

By addressing the underlying muscle structure, a stretched, unnatural appearance can be avoided. If necessary, we may also create a small incision under your chin to address the lower half of your face. It will be several weeks before you are able to see your final results. However, as recovery progresses, you will enjoy a dramatically rejuvenated appearance.

Mini Facelift

A mini facelift primarily addresses the middle of the face. This procedure is typically recommended for younger patients and for those who desire only a moderate change. Since a mini facelift will address a smaller area of your face, the procedure requires smaller incisions. The incisions will be made in front of your ear and extend to just below your earlobes, then the muscles around your cheeks will be lifted, and any excess skin and tissue will be removed and sculpted into a more youthful form.

Since this procedure is less invasive than a full face lift, recovery is typically much faster. Once you have healed, you will experience more youthful facial contours, reduced wrinkling, and more pronounced cheek bones.

Who is a Good Candidate? 

If you have loose skin on your face or neck, and are looking to tighten these areas, you are most likely a good candidate for a full or mini facelift. Candidates should be in good overall health, and possess an optimal degree of skin elasticity. Having skin that can conform to its new contours is important to your surgery's results.

Although we are renowned for our outstanding surgical techniques, we also take a conservative approach to treatment. We will never recommend surgery if it is not in your best interest.

Your medical history and preexisting conditions are important to the success of your surgery, and will be discussed during your initial consultation. Another important factor is that you have realistic expectations about your surgery results. 

Specialized Options for Optimal Results

At The Landings Surgical Centre, no two procedures are alike. Rather, we tailor your surgery to meet your particular needs and goals. For instance, we may supplement your facelift with liposuction, to remove unwanted fat from another area of your body. Although we are renowned for our outstanding surgical results, we also take a conservative approach to treatment.

We will never recommend surgery if it is not in your best interest. Some patients can avoid or delay a facelift with alternative procedures, such as BOTOX® Cosmetic or dermal fillers. Our facial rejuvenation experts are highly experienced in all of the treatment options, and want you to achieve the most discreet, natural results.

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At The Landings Surgical Centre, we offer the highest quality plastic surgery treatments. To learn more about mini and full facelifts, and determine which best suits your needs, contact us today, and begin planning your custom procedure.

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