The Differences between Brow Lift vs. Full Face Lift

At The Landings Surgical Centre, Dr. Richard Bendor-Samuel and Dr. Louis Boileau offer both brow lifts and full face lifts. Both procedures can turn back the clock to give you a fresh, rejuvenated appearance. While the two are separate procedures, we often perform them in conjunction with one another, a decision usually made at your initial consultation. During that appointment, your surgeon will also explain brow lift vs. full face lift at our Halifax, NS, practice. Whatever treatment or treatments you select, you will benefit from our skill and comprehensive approach. Thanks to our techniques, we can achieve a subtle, natural look that will also give your self-confidence a boost.

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A brow lift focuses on the upper face, while a face lift targets the midface and jawline.

Are You a Candidate for a Brow Lift or a Face Lift?

The primary difference between a brow lift and a full face lift is that the two treatments will target different areas of your face. As the name suggests, a brow lift will enhance your forehead and the area around your eyes. If you have horizontal creases, sagging over your eyes, drooping brows, frown lines, or similar signs of aging, you may be a good candidate for this treatment.

Contrary to popular belief, a full face lift will not actually address your entire face. Rather, with this procedure, Dr. Bendor-Samuel or Dr. Louis Boileau can rejuvenate the area around your midface and jawline. If you struggle with deep nasolabial folds, sagging jowls, marionette lines, lost volume in your cheeks, or similar problems, a full face lift may be right for you.

Whether you undergo a brow lift, a face lift, or both, your doctor will use advanced techniques to achieve stunning results.

If you want the most comprehensive results possible, your doctor can combine the two procedures. At your initial consultation, he will evaluate your cosmetic goals and skin quality. Then he can create a custom treatment plan for you.

The Brow Lift vs. Face Lift Procedure

During a brow lift, your doctor will create a hidden incision. In some cases, it may be located behind or just in front of the hairline. In other cases, he may recommend an endoscopic procedure. With this technique, he will use a tiny camera to perform surgery through several small, hidden incisions. In any case, Dr. Bendor-Samuel or Dr. Boileau will raise the underlying muscles, using dissolvable stitches to hold them in place. He will also trim off any sagging or excess skin.

During a face lift, your surgeon will follow a similar procedure. However, the incisions will typically go around your ears from in front of your earlobes to your hairline. Through these openings, your surgeon will lift and tighten the muscles. He may also create a small incision just under your chin, through which he can eliminate unwanted fat deposits. Because of our surgeons’ skill, scarring will be virtually invisible, even if you undergo combined treatments. 

Our Approach to Both Procedures

At The Landings Surgical Centre, we will address your facial muscles and not just sagging skin. By lifting the overall muscular structure, we can achieve natural results, and we can avoid the “stretched” look that sometimes came with older surgical methods. Therefore, you will enjoy a discreet enhancement and a beautiful appearance.  

Learn More about Brow Lifts vs. Face Lifts

Whether you undergo a brow lift, a face lift, or both, your doctor will use advanced techniques to achieve stunning results. To learn more about these two procedures and to find out whether one or both may be right for you, contact The Landings Surgical Centre today.

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