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The desire for larger, more shapely breasts is common. For women who have always wanted larger breasts, or who have recently lost breast size and volume because of giving birth or other reasons, the procedure can create a more appealing bust line and proportionate shape. We offer a variety of breast implants at our Nova Scotia plastic surgery practice. Surgeons Richard Bendor-Samuel and Louis Boileau can design a breast augmentation plan to suit your specific needs and desired outcome. Contact us today to set up your appointment for an evaluation and consultation.

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Determining Your Candidacy

Discontent with the appearance of your breasts can result from a number of issues. You may feel that your breasts are too small for your frame, or that one is noticeably smaller than the other. If you are between the ages of 17 and 60 and in good health, you are likely a good candidate for implants.

During your initial consultation, we will discuss your cosmetic concerns, what you expect from the results, and any medical conditions or history that might affect the success of your surgery. Our doctors will also discuss alternative breast surgery options to help you determine whether breast implants are the right choice for you

Choosing the Right Material and Shape

The size and shape of your breast implants will determine how natural and proportionate they look in relation to the rest of your body. The material that they contain will dictate how they feel, and largely influence how they are placed.

Saline implants consist of a solid silicone shell filled with salt water solution. Saline implants can be inserted empty and then filled to capacity, allowing for smaller incisions and more room for adjustments to ensure the proper breast size after placement. If a saline breast implant ruptures, the body will naturally absorb the saline solution, and the deflated implant will be almost immediately apparent.

Silicone implants consist of a cohesive silicone gel inside a solid silicone shell, and unlike saline implants, are prefilled prior to placement. Silicone gel is less prone to rippling and other visible issues, and many patients prefer their look and feel over saline implants. However, they are typically a more expensive option.

Gummy bear implants (an informal nickname for form-stable implants) contain a silicone gel that is more cohesive than traditional silicone implants. Form-stable implants hold their form even when they cut in half, much like the consistency of gummy bears, while remaining soft and supple like a natural breast.

Implants are also shaped differently. Round implants are commonly chosen by patients who want more dramatic cleavage, while tear-drop implants provide contours that more closely mimic those of natural breasts.

Placing Breast Implants

The method and exact location of placement will also affect how your breasts look in relation to the rest of your body. Submuscular implant placement involves inserting the implants underneath the pectoral muscles. Subglandular placement describes placing the implants just underneath the mammary glands, but on top of the muscle. Subglandular placement can result in a more voluptuous enhancement, while submuscular placement can achieve a more subtle effect. We can help you decide which method will best help you achieve your goals.

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Breast augmentation is among the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures today. With a wealth of experience, the use of innovative medical technology, and a highly skilled and compassionate staff, Dr. Bendor-Samuel and Dr. Boileau can help you determine the implants and surgical technique that are right for you. To learn about your options for breast implant surgery, contact us today.

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