Which Is Better: Mini Facelift or Cosmetic Injectables? By The Landings Surgical Centre on October 12, 2023

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We take pride in empowering patients by helping them understand their choices. If you want to improve your appearance without resorting to a full facelift, the team at The Landings Surgical Centre can explain and provide either a mini facelift or powerful cosmetic injectables.

Before discussing which is better, let’s make sure you have a complete understanding of each of these options. 

A Mini Facelift Offers Noticeable Results

A mini facelift is a cosmetic plastic surgery that is performed to address jawline sagging, wrinkles around the mouth, and even a double chin. Performed with many of the same cosmetic surgical techniques as a full facelift, the mini version is often opted for because it is less invasive, requires smaller incisions, and results in a much shorter recovery time. 

While a mini facelift can deliver outstanding results, it is important to know that, by design, it simply cannot achieve the same level of improvement as a full facelift. This is because a mini facelift is restricted to the lower third of the face and upper neck. 

Cosmetic Injectables Improve Appearance Non-Surgically

Cosmetic injectables are non-surgical products that are administered to reverse signs of aging and restore a youthful look by eliminating aesthetic issues like acne scars, fine lines, and deep wrinkles. 

Patients from as far north as Prince Edward Island come all the way down here to our Halifax, Nova Scotia practice so we can provide them with popular, proven cosmetic injectable brands like BOTOX® Cosmetic, Bellafill®, JUVÉDERM®, Perlane®, Restylane®, Sculptra® Aesthetic, and TEOSYAL®. 

Recovery vs. No Downtime

While a mini facelift has a shorter recovery period than the full option, you should still expect to take a week off of work and away from public outings as you deal with certain symptoms. Furthermore, you should prepare to limit any strenuous physical exertion for as long as three weeks. 

On the other hand, cosmetic injectables typically do not require any downtime whatsoever. A typical patient can receive BOTOX before returning to work or play immediately while only having to avoid intense physical activity for a day or two. 

If Scarring Is a Concern, Read This

Our team does everything in their power to minimize scarring. To make matters better, a mini facelift requires small incisions that help us achieve this. That being said, there is always the risk of scarring with any plastic surgery, while cosmetic injectables carry no risk of scars.

The Extent of Results Is Important

As we’ve detailed, cosmetic injectables are less risky and result in a much faster recovery. While this may make them seem like the clear-cut option to go with, you need to keep in mind what level of results you are trying to achieve. 

The results of some cosmetic injectables may only last for three or four months. Some can last for a handful of years. The results of a mini facelift, on the other hand, can be expected to last for at minimum five years or as long as ten years. This means that a single surgery can give you a full decade of beauty without ever needing the return maintenance appointments required by most injectables. 

Request Your Cosmetic Consultation

The truth is, you don’t have to determine whether a mini facelift or cosmetic injectables are better for you on your own. Get answers from board-certified plastic surgeons who run the first private surgical facility of its kind in Atlantic Canada. We have the expertise required to help you make the right choice for you to achieve your aesthetic goals. Contact our Halifax plastic surgery office today

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