Breast Lift Scars: What to Expect After Surgery By The Landings Surgical Centre on October 23, 2021

woman with a bandage around her chestChanges in weight, pregnancy, breast feeding, and age can all cause the breasts to sag, making some women feel less happy with the appearance of their breasts. A breast lift can rejuvenate the breasts so they appear firmer and more youthful. 

As with any surgery, scars are inevitable after breast lift surgery. However, at The Landings Surgical Centre, Dr. Richard Bendor-Samuel and Dr. Louis Boileau take great care to minimize the appearance of breast lift scars for patients throughout Halifax, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and surrounding areas. 

Although scars are kept discreet, our doctors would like to take a moment to consider what to expect with scarring after breast lift surgery. 

Surgical Technique and Breast Lift Scars 

There are several different surgical techniques that may be used to perform a breast lift, or mastopexy. As a result, the size and location of scars after surgery largely depends on the type of technique that was used. For example: 

  • Crescent lift: A crescent lift requires a crescent shaped incision to be made around a portion of the areola. This leaves minimal scarring that’s hidden by the transition between the areola and surrounding tissue.  
  • Benelli lift: With the Benelli lift, or donut lift, the incision is made around the areola. The natural difference in color between the areola and surrounding breast tissue helps hide scarring. 
  • Anchor lift: The incision used in the anchor creates a shape similar to the appearance of an anchor. This can leave a scar that circles the areola, runs down the middle of the underside of the breast, and ends in a horizontal line along the fold where the breast meets the body. 
  • Lollipop lift: Scars from the lollipop lift also circle the areola and extend down the underside of the breast in a single line, similar to how a lollipop looks. 

What Do Breast Lift Scars Look Like?

Although care is taken to make the incisions used in breast lifts as discreet as possible, patients should expect some visible scarring. The extent and appearance of scars will vary depending on the type of technique used as well as patient history with scarring. 

With that said, breast lift scars tend to be very thin but appear red and sometimes raised in the initial recovery. Over time, scars tend to fade. Eventually, they will fade out and flatten.   

Minimizing the Appearance of Scars

Practicing required and recommended aftercare following breast lift surgery can help further minimize scars and encourage healing. 

Avoid exposing scars to direct sunlight as sun exposure can darken scars. Sunscreen should be applied to areas of the breast that may be exposed to the sun whenever outside. 

Scar gels or ointments, like topical vitamin E creams, may also be beneficial to fading scars and massaging scars may also help improve scar texture. 

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A breast lift can help rejuvenate the bustline and boost confidence. If you are interested in a breast lift or would like more information about breast lift surgery, please call (902) 492-2007 to schedule a consultation at The Landings Surgical Centre.

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