Enhancing the Breasts with Breast Augmentation for Athletes By The Landings Surgical Centre on January 31, 2021

A woman wearing a sports braBreasts that look deflated, small, or asymmetrical can affect self-esteem and make some women feel unhappy with their bodies. Breast augmentation can improve the breasts in shape, size, fullness, and overall appearance.

For athletes, breast augmentation is possible but comes with unique factors to consider. At the Landings Surgical Centre serving Halifax, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, Drs. Richard Bendor-Samuel and Louis Boileau review these considerations when planning breast augmentation for athletes. If you would like more information about breast augmentation for athletes, we welcome you to schedule a consultation.

Reasons Female Athletes Might Consider Breast Augmentation

Excelling in athletics can bring a sense of pride and confidence, but it’s not uncommon for some athletic women to feel insecure about their bodies, and their breasts in particular.

Athletic women tend to have lower amounts of body fat, which can affect the size of their breasts. For some women, this means their breasts are smaller than they would like. Additionally, weight loss from athleticism can leave the breasts looking deflated and without shape.

For these reasons and more, female athletes who are unhappy with the size, shape, and appearance of their breasts may decide to undergo breast augmentation.

Breast Augmentation Considerations for Athletes

Female athletes have some unique considerations when it comes to undergoing breast augmentation. Some of these considerations include:

  • Less breast tissue to accommodate implants: One consideration is that with smaller breasts and low body fat, the tissues may have difficulty stretching to accommodate large breast implants. Choosing the right size is important to create a natural look and prevent implant rippling and excessing skin stretching. Generally, this means increasing the breast by one cup size or simply restoring the size of the breasts if they have become deflated.
  • Breast size and mobility: Another consideration is mobility after breast augmentation. Athletes need to be able to comfortably move. Breasts that are too large can feel cumbersome when playing sports, exercising, or participating in other athletic activities.
  • Breast implant placement: Breast implants may be placed beneath the mammary gland and above the muscle in subglandular placement, or beneath the pectoral muscle in submuscular placement. For athletes, submuscular placement often yields the best results, especially when there is minimal breast tissue.

Athletes and Recovery from Breast Augmentation

When considering breast augmentation, athletes must be prepared to refrain from strenuous activity during recovery. For some, this will mean giving up training, competing, or playing sports until fully recovered. Full recovery from breast augmentation is usually around six weeks.

Although strenuous activity needs to be avoided, light exercise without heavy lifting is permitted and generally recommended around the second week of recovery. As the breasts heal, athletes are often permitted to increase their activity. Once fully healed, they may return to their normal workout and training routines.

Schedule a Consultation

Breast implants can help athletes feel more confident and feminine without interfering with their training or competitions. If you live in or around Halifax and would like more information about breast augmentation for athletes, please call (902) 492-2007 or schedule a consultation online.

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