Breast Augmentation for Small Breasts By The Landings Surgical Centre on October 22, 2020

Before and after breast augmentationMany women with naturally small breasts consider breast augmentation to increase bust size and improve body contours. Breast augmentation can enhance a person’s confidence and allow her to feel more secure in her body.

Patients should realize that breast augmentation is not a one-size-fits-all cosmetic treatment. This procedure is personalized to ensure that each patient achieves the specific results she desires. The plastic surgeons at Landings Surgical Centre can help patients from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and surrounding areas consider the different factors that can make breast augmentation for small breasts a success.

Choosing the Right Implant Size

Implant size is one of the factors that has the greatest impact on breast augmentation results. Women with small breasts usually want to enhance their bust size significantly so that the results of treatment are obvious.

While it is important that patients see the changes they desire following breast augmentation, they also need to keep a few things in mind regarding implant size. Women with smaller breasts have less skin and tissue in the chest area, and their breast tissue pocket also tends to be smaller. If especially large implants are placed, the skin could stretch and the implants could be compressed to an overly round shape, both of which can make the breasts look unnatural.

Body proportions are another important consideration when choosing the right implant size. Since women with small breasts often have a smaller frame, large implants can make them appear top heavy. Large implants may also be too heavy for a smaller body to support, which could result in neck, shoulder, and back pain.

Our plastic surgeons help patients try out different implant sizes and assist them in selecting an implant that gives them the enhancement they desire without putting physical strain on the body or creating unnatural body proportions.

Selecting the Implant Type

Breast implants are not just customizable by size. They are available in several different materials, fillings, and shapes. Selecting the right implant type is especially important for women with small breasts. Again, women with small breasts usually have less tissue and skin in the bust area, so the shape and texture of breast implants will be more noticeable. Our plastic surgeons can help our Nova Scotia patients choose the implant composition that is most appropriate for their body shape.

Choosing Implant Placement

Another consideration for breast augmentation is breast implant placement. Implants can be placed either below the pectoral muscle, or between the existing breast tissue and the chest muscle (i.e. over the pectoral muscle). When choosing the best implant placement for each patient, it is important to consider the amount of breast tissue that is present.

Smaller breasts and less breast tissue are not always ideal for above the muscle implant placement. The implant can show through the skin and look artificial. Under muscle placement is often preferred for women with smaller breasts because it is easier to create an implant pocket that accommodates the implant and provides a more natural appearance.

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Breast augmentation enhances bust size to give women with smaller breasts the shapelier figure they desire. The plastic surgeons at Landings Surgical Centre can help patients customize this procedure so that they get beautiful and natural looking results. To learn more, contact us online at your earliest convenience or call (902) 492-2007.

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