Best Bra Options after Breast Augmentation By The Landings Surgical Centre on July 25, 2019

Breast augmentation braBreast augmentation increases the size of the breasts to enhance the shape of the bustline and improve body proportions. This popular plastic surgery procedure allows women with small breasts to get the curves they desire so that they feel more confident about their appearance.

After breast augmentation at the Landings Surgical Centre, the size, shape, and weight of the breasts will be different, so our Halifax, Nova Scotia patients will need to shop for new bras. It is important to select bras that will support the new breasts and promote a smooth and timely recovery. Our plastic surgeons are happy to offer tips for choosing the best bra options after breast augmentation.

Best Post-surgery Bra

During the initial breast augmentation recovery, patients will require a bra that provides ample support without irritating incision sites. The best bra to meet a patient’s needs immediately after breast augmentation is a medical compression bra that is free of underwires.

A medical compression bra will keep all dressings in place, support breast tissues as they heal, prevent implants from moving, and reduce swelling, all of which are vital to a smooth recovery. Medical compression bras should be worn 24 hours a day for the first one to two weeks after breast augmentation.

Transitioning to a Sports Bra

After the first couple of weeks of breast augmentation recovery, patients should get approval to transition from their medical compression bra to a sports bra. A sports bra will provide more support than a standard bra, but it will not be quite as restrictive as a medical compression bra.

When selecting a sports bra, fit is very important. Patients should be measured by a bra expert to see what size bra they require with implants in place. The breasts will be significantly heavier post-surgery, so our Halifax patients should choose a sports bra that is supportive enough to hold the breasts high across the chest.

Incision sites will still be sensitive at this point of breast augmentation recovery, so it is important to select a bra that is free of underwire. If possible, patients should also shop for a sports bra with front clasps, since they will be easier to get in and out of than bras with back clasps, and are unlikely to cause increased discomfort.

Choosing Bras Long-term

After breast implants have settled into place and incision sites have completely healed, patients can begin shopping for more fashionable and feminine bras. Every patient heals at her own rate, so patients should stick to sports bras until our surgeons have given the okay to transition to regular bras.

Before shopping for bras, our Halifax patients should again be measured by a bra specialist. Bra size is likely to have changed since shopping for a sports bra because the implants will have completely settled and inflammation will have subsided. As long as the fit of the bra is right and it provides enough support, patients are free to shop for any style that makes them feel beautiful and confident.

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If you desire a fuller, shapelier bustline, you may be an ideal candidate for breast augmentation. To learn more about this plastic surgery procedure, contact The Landings Surgical Centre at your earliest convenience or call (902) 492-2007 to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced surgeons.

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