Benefits of Combining Rhinoplasty and Chin Augmentation By The Landings Surgical Centre on February 11, 2019

Young black-haired woman smiles toward camera in close-up shot The prominence and symmetry of the nose can significantly impact a person’s appearance. Large nostrils or nasal bumps can detract from an otherwise beautiful face.

At The Landings Surgical Centre, Doctors Richard Bendor-Samuel and Louis Boileau will determine if you are a good candidate for rhinoplasty (nose surgery). They take the time to learn about your needs and goals before recommending treatment options.

In some cases, combining one or more cosmetic procedures at once can be beneficial. Chin augmentation is commonly paired with rhinoplasty as a way to save you time and money while delivering dramatic results.

A Look at Rhinoplasty

Doctors Bendor-Samuel or Boileau will recommend one of two rhinoplasty techniques. The first option creates incisions inside the nose, thereby hiding any scars. If greater access is needed, an open rhinoplasty (which uses an incision between the nostrils) may be needed.

During either procedure, small amounts of tissue and cartilage may be removed to minimize the bridge, nostrils, or tip. Grafts may be used to augment some areas of the nose. In other cases, adjustments to the underlying bone may need to be made to correct problems with symmetry.

Following the two- to three-hour outpatient procedure, a plastic splint may be placed over the nose to help hold its new shape and protect it from injury.

A Look at Chin Augmentation

If your chin is small or slopes unevenly, a chin augmentation can give your face better proportion. Candidates for this procedure should have good skin elasticity and be in good overall health.

During the augmentation procedure, our cosmetic surgeons will place a customized implant in the chin area.

The implant can be positioned through one of two methods:

  • Intraoral: An incision is made inside your mouth. This method leaves no visible scar but does not allow for as precise placement and can increase the risk of infection.
  • Extraoral: An incision is made underneath your chin. Scarring is minimal. This approach allows for a larger implant.

Reasons Why Rhinoplasty May Be Combined with Chin Augmentation

The goal of facial cosmetic surgery is to achieve better balance and symmetry among the facial features. When trying to achieve optimal results, a rhinoplasty can pair well with chin augmentation.

By addressing the aesthetic problems of the chin and nose at once, patients can benefit from:

  • Savings in time and money
  • More dramatic results
  • Reduced recovery time

Some patients find that correcting one cosmetic problem draws attention to other areas of their face. If you believe you can benefit from combining rhinoplasty with chin augmentation, our doctors will help you explore these options.

Learn How One or Both of These Procedures Can Benefit You

As with any surgery, complications are possible. By choosing an experienced cosmetic surgeon, you can significantly reduce that risk. Doctors Bendor-Samuel and Boileau have more than 50 years of combined cosmetic surgery experience.

If you have a misshapen nose or small chin, our doctors will be glad to explain your cosmetic treatment options. To learn more about what The Landings Surgical Centre can provide for you, contact us online or call (902) 492-2007.

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