Side Effects of Brazilian Butt Lift: Patient Healing Information

By The Landings Surgical Centre on May 04, 2018

A woman's backsideSide effects after a Brazilian butt lift surgery are a perfectly natural part of the patient healing process. This is a sign that your body is recovering from surgery and responding just as it should. However, if side effects do not improve or you experience severe side effects, this should be brought to the attention of your surgeon as soon as possible.

The team at our Halilfax, Nova Scotia body contouring and fat sculpting centre would like to go over some of the most common side effects of Brazilian butt lift surgery. This should help you understand the nature of the procedure and what to expect after it is performed.

Pain and Discomfort

Soreness and discomfort are common side effects after surgery, and they are most pronounced in the first day or so after the procedure. Thankfully the pain abates as the days go by. To manage the pain, patients may be prescribed pain killers or be advised to take over-the-counter pain medications. Be sure to use these as directed.


Swelling is one of the most common side effects of any surgical procedure. The swelling will be located around the abdominal region as well as the buttocks. Major swelling will usually last about two weeks, with some residual swelling lasting for two weeks after. Minor swelling may linger for several weeks after.

A compression garment can be worn to help manage swelling. The garment can also help enhance the overall results of the Brazilian butt lift.


Bruising after surgery tends to accompany swelling. Major bruising is most apparent for about two weeks, with some residual discoloration for two weeks after that located around the abdomen and buttocks.

One way to help minimize bruising is to walk around a little each day as you are recovering. This helps promote blood circulation, which prevents blood clots in the legs and can promote better healing overall.


Numbness or a tingling sensation may occur around the liposuction sites of the abdomen or the injection sites of the buttocks. This is natural as some nerve tissue may have been affected by the surgery. Thankfully this numbness will pass after a few weeks. Proper rest and a problem-free recovery helps with these side effects as well as your overall recovery experience.

Bumps or Lumps

After liposuction and fat transfer injection, some bumps or lumps may be present, both around the abdomen as well as on the buttocks. This is a common side effects after the Brazilian butt lift procedure, though it tends to resolve on its own. Again, proper healing and recovery will help these side effects pass much faster.

Very Minor Scarring from Liposuction

Scarring is a reality after any surgery, even one with small incisions like liposuction. Thankfully, these liposuction scars are difficult to notice, allowing patients to wear various tops, undergarments, and bathing suits without self-consciousness. As time passes, the scars will fade even more, making them very difficult to detect.

Learn More About Brazilian Butt Lift

For more information about Brazilian butt lift and how it can help you look your best, be sure to contact the team at The Landings Surgical Centre. We look forward to your visit and discussing your body sculpting options with you in greater detail.

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