Mommy Makeover Candidates: Restoring Your Appearance By The Landings Surgical Centre on April 17, 2018

Mother and her baby daughterA woman’s life changes after having a child. New priorities and responsibilities arise, and these changes are rewarding in their own ways. A woman’s body will also go through a number of changes because of pregnancy. To address these and to restore a woman’s body to the way it look before having a baby, there’s the mommy makeover, a combination of plastic surgery procedures targeting the entire body. That includes:

  • The abdominal region
  • The flanks
  • The breasts
  • The hips
  • The buttocks
  • The thighs
  • The upper arms
  • Parts of the face

We’d like to consider who is an ideal candidate for mommy makeover treatment below. This will help you determine if the surgery is a good option for your needs.

General Candidacy for Mommy Makeover

Good candidates for a mommy makeover are women who have experienced changes to their body as a result of pregnancy and childbirth. They should be in good overall health and not suffer from any medical conditions that would make body contouring surgery a risk to general wellness.

That Patient Is Finished Having Children

Women should only consider a mommy makeover after they’ve decided that they are finished having children. If a woman gets pregnant after undergoing a mommy makeover, the pregnancy will undo the cosmetic benefits of the procedure. In such an event, an additional mommy makeover will have to be performed. Rather than undergo additional surgery, waiting until after a woman is done having children is the most ideal option.

Ideal Time for Surgery

This can vary from patient to patient depending on their age and cosmetic goals. Sometimes performing a mommy makeover too early doesn’t take into account the changes a woman's body will go through as part of the natural aging process.

Generally this will need to be discussed during the consultation process. We will also take into account the amount of weight loss after childbirth, as a woman’s body may not return to normal and reach an ideal weight for a year or so after having a baby.

Knowing the Risks and Benefits

All surgeries have unique risks and benefits. It’s important that all mommy makeover patients be aware of these before they decide to undergo surgery. By knowing the potential pros and cons ahead of time, patients can be better prepared for the surgery process as well as the healing period that follows.

Realistic Expectations for Patients

Mommy makeover patients should also have realistic expectations about the surgical process and what is involved. This includes knowing the surgical side effects, how much time is needed off from work, temporary changes to routines while recovering, and the overall outcomes of surgery. Realistic expectations tend to improve patient satisfaction.

A Word on Surgical Scarring

Undergoing surgery means that you will have scars. We will work carefully to conceal surgical scarring as much as we can. Note that mommy makeover scars can be easily hidden by most clothes, including undergarments and bathing suits.

If you are prone toward excessive scarring such as keloids, we will keep these in mind as we tailor the mommy makeover to your needs.

Learn More About Mommy Makeovers

For more information about mommy makeover treatment and whether or not it’s an ideal option for you and your needs, be sure to contact our cosmetic plastic surgery centre. We will be more than happy to answer your questions and address your concerns as part of a consultation.

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