It is with great enthusiasm and pleasure that we can announce the re-opening of the Landings Surgical Centre — our official opening date will be June 4, 2020

The past few months have forced all small business create a new way of managing their business and for physicians offices it is more of a re-invention.

New regulations created by governments to create a safe environment for patients and employers are the new normal as a result of Covid-19. Previously we have offered our patients a safe and highly professional environment and we will strive to do this and more as we go forward. Our focus on giving you the best plastic surgical care will remain our number one priority. In achieving this there will be a need to add some protocols to each and every visit to our offices. Please bear with us and be patient with our staff as there will be growing pains for everyone.

Our staff will commence contacting patients after May 27, 2020. This will be done in order of canceled date. We hope to resume surgical procedures near the end of the first week in June. We will resume our facial filler and Neuromodulator injection practice the first week in June. All patients must now follow the Nova Scotia Provincial Guidelines listed below.

NS Guidelines

If you are sick or have been sick you must be-book your appointment until 14 days after you feel better.
If you have been in contact with anyone with Covid-19 you must reschedule your appointment to 14 days after that contact.

Arrive 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment, please do not be late.
It is important to be on time as physical distancing does not allow for clients to wait in the reception area.
All registration and information forms MUST be filled out and forwarded to us before your appointment.
You may be asked to wait in your car to receive a text if too many people are in the reception area.
You are asked to wear face covering to the appointment. If you do not have one, a surgical mask we will provided to you for a small fee.
You may have your temperature taken by thermal imaging.
All clients will be asked to sanitize their hands upon entering and exiting the clinic
Please follow physical distancing and the markers on the floor that we have all become accustomed to.
We will frequently clean all high touch areas.

We are excited to welcome all of our regular clients and new clients into the Landings Surgical Centre.

What You Need to Know about a Mole Biopsy

By The Landings Surgical Centre on February 21, 2018

While moles are common and often benign, we also know they can place patients at a higher risk for melanoma. So, what if you notice an odd or irregularly shaped mole? Should you be worried? Our doctors at The Landings Surgical Centre in Halifax, Nova Scotia, are happy to assess your skin and can perform a mole biopsy when necessary. Even if the mole is not malignant, many of our patients opt for mole removal to smooth and refine the skin.

female patient having a skin revision procedure performed

What is Involved in a Mole Biopsy?

During your initial consultation, we will visually examine the mole. In some cases, it may be quite apparent the area contains a healthy mole and nothing more. In other instances, it can be difficult to determine whether the mole is malignant. If there is any question whatsoever, we recommend a mole biopsy. This simple procedure involves removing all or part of the tissue and sending it to a pathology lab for further testing and diagnosis. The exact type of biopsy necessary will depend on the size of the mole, and your specific situation. Typically, we receive the results from the lab within one week.

When is a Mole Biopsy Recommended?

There are a few varying indicators that may suggest the mole is cancerous. For example, skin cancer is suspected if your mole:

  • Is asymmetrical
  • Has suddenly changed in appearance
  • Varies in color
  • Has an irregular border
  • Is growing larger

In addition, if you notice a new lesion that is growing quickly, changing, or bleeding, it can be a cause for concern. If you experience any of these symptoms, it is important to see a doctor immediately.

What if My Mole is Actually a Melanoma?

If the results of your biopsy come back positive, we will most likely refer you to an oncologist who can further assess your medical needs. During this testing, he or she will perform a visual examination and will palpate the lymph nodes to feel for any abnormalities. This is because melanoma often begins to spread to the closest lymph nodes. If your doctor suspects the cancer has spread, he or she may order a lymph node biopsy. Once all testing is complete, your doctor will determine the stage of your melanoma. Stages include:

  • Stage Zero: Melanoma is localized to the outer layers of the skin.
  • Stage One: Melanoma is in the outer layer plus part of the dermis underneath.
  • Stage Two: Melanoma spreads to the lower layers of the dermis.
  • Stage Three: Cancer cells have spread to the closest lymph nodes.
  • Stage Four: Cancer cells have spread to the lymph nodes and one or more parts of the body.

Prevention is Key

The good news is: Melanoma is quite treatable when diagnosed early. In fact, when identified and treated in the early stages, the five-year survival rate for patients with melanoma is 99 percent.

It is a good idea to practice prevention even if you have not been diagnosed with melanoma. For example, you should apply sunscreen daily. Doing so lowers your risk for skin cancer by half. Those who report having five or more sunburns are statistically twice as likely to develop some type of skin cancer.

Contact Us to Learn More

If you have a suspicious-looking mole, or even if you have one you simply want to get rid of, contact our practice today. Our doctors can remove the area of concern and perform a mole biopsy to make sure the skin is not malignant.

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