Chin Augmentation Side Effects By The Landings Surgical Centre on September 25, 2017

Woman with a well-defined chinBone structure adds definition to the face and helps to create a strong, attractive appearance. Unfortunately, many people lack the well-defined facial features that they desire. Without structure, the facial features can seem to blend together, and the profile lacks balance. At The Landings Surgical Centre, we offer facial plastic surgery to improve facial definition and enhance facial features.

Chin augmentation adds structure and volume to a chin that is too small or out of balance with the rest of the face. Chin augmentation greatly enhances the overall appearance of the face and provides the strong facial features that most of our patients desire. While chin augmentation is a safe procedure with minimal risks, the body will need time to heal after treatment. Our doctors are happy to prepare patients for the chin augmentation side effects that they should expect following treatment at our Halifax, NS plastic surgery practice.

Side Effects

Chin augmentation recovery will result in some side effects for patients. Compared to other surgical procedures, these side effects are rather minor, and should resolve pretty quickly. Still, patients should be prepared for what side effects are likely to develop, and how they can best be handled. Below are the most common side effects of chin augmentation:

  • Discomfort: The area around the chin, jaw, and mouth will probably feel sore and tender for at least the first several days after chin augmentation. Discomfort can make it difficult to chew, talk, or smile in the days following surgery. Chewing may be especially difficult if the surgical incision was placed in the mouth. We will prescribe patients with pain medication that can be used as directed to control pain. Patients should also consider a soft or liquid diet for the first few days after surgery, especially if the intraoral surgical technique was used.
  • Bruising: It is not uncommon for bruising to develop along the chin and jawbone after chin augmentation. Bruises may appear dark at first, but they should begin to fade within a few days. If any bruising remains by the time the patient is ready to return to work or other routine activities, it should be easily concealed with makeup.
  • Swelling: Swelling is pretty much inevitable after chin augmentation. The most significant swelling shouldn’t last for more than a week, but it can take up to six weeks for swelling to go down completely so that the full results of surgery are achieved. Ice packs can be used to reduce swelling, as well as help control any discomfort that the swelling may cause.

How Long Will Recovery Last?

Most patients are pleased by how quickly they recover from chin augmentation. The majority of patients are able to return to work and other routine activities within a week after treatment. While patients may feel like recovery is complete at this point, the chin will still be healing. To be safe, patients should avoid strenuous activities and anything that might result in an impact to the face (such as sports, bike riding, etc.) for at least three to four weeks.

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