What to Expect after Plastic Surgery: The Risk of Bruising By The Landings Surgical Centre on December 23, 2016

Black-and-white photo of a patient’s back after body contouringAt The Landings Surgical Centre, Dr. Richard Bendor-Samuel and Dr. Louis Boileau offer a comprehensive range of plastic surgery services, ranging from state-of-the-art body contouring treatments to fully customizable facial rejuvenation procedures. They perform these procedures using the most advanced techniques and technologies to ensure the most satisfactory results for their valued patients, as well as the most rapid and comfortable recovery periods possible.

Although Drs. Bendor-Samuel and Boileau are renowned for their collective gentle touch and their mastery of minimally invasive techniques, the plastic surgery procedures they perform are still major surgical procedures. As such, they do inevitably produce certain side effects, of which they want patients to be aware before they commit to undergoing surgery. Among the most common of these side effects is bruising. Some degree of bruising is extremely likely with any surgery, no matter how minimally invasive. Drs. Bendor-Samuel and Boileau discuss the issue of bruising after plastic surgery during consultations at their Halifax, NS surgical centre so that patients know precisely what to expect from their procedures.

What can you expect from the procedure or procedures in which you are most interested? To find out, please schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Bendor-Samuel or Dr. Boileau today.

The Relationship between Bruising and Plastic Surgery

As stated above, some degree of bruising is likely with any surgery, cosmetic or otherwise; this includes facial plastic surgery, body contouring, and breast surgery. The extent and severity of this bruising depends on several factors, including:

  • The individual patient: Some patients are simply more prone to bruising than others. Some patients, for example, can undergo breast augmentation and emerge without a single bruise while others will experience extensive bruising that lasts for days or even weeks. The same technique may have been used with both patients, but with very different results.
  • The invasiveness of the technique used: Some techniques are more invasive than others, even among techniques that are classified as minimally invasive. Our surgeons use the most minimally invasive techniques available; however, the incision used to perform a mini facelift is very different from the one used to perform a fully tummy tuck, and necessarily so. Therefore, the risk of bruising will be very different, as well.
  • The ability of the patient to diligently follow post-surgical instructions: Every procedure will be accompanied by a detailed set of post-surgical instructions. Some of these instructions will be the same regardless of the procedure: don’t smoke, limit activity for a prescribed period, do some light walking as soon and as often as you are able, avoid blood thinning medications, and so on. Other instructions will be specific to the procedure: wear your compression garment as recommended after body contouring surgery; keep your head elevated after facial plastic surgery; avoid any vigorous activity that would result in jarring your breasts after breast augmentation. How closely you follow the post-operative instructions provided to you will help to determine the extent of your bruising, as well as how long your bruising lasts.

Learn More about Bruising after Plastic Surgery

To learn more about bruising after plastic surgery, please contact The Landings Surgical Centre today.

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