Tummy Tuck Recovery: The Patient Healing Experience By The Landings Surgical Centre on February 25, 2015

A woman's lower torsoAt The Landings Surgical Centre here in Nova Scotia, we have been able to achieve excellent results thanks to advanced body contouring surgery, particularly the tummy tuck (abdominoplasty). Tummy tuck surgery is a body contouring procedure in which excess skin is removed in order to pull the remaining abdominal skin tighter. By doing this, stretchmarks are smoothed away and any loose, sagging, or drooping skin is eliminated. This results in a trimmer, slimmer, and more ideal body contour for the patient.

In order to heal quickly and achieve the best results, it's important that patients consider the recovery tips below. Full notes for recovery will be provided during a consultation at the practice.

Activities to Avoid as You Recover

As you are recovering from tummy tuck surgery, it's important that you get a lot of rest. Patients will want to avoid all strenuous physical activities. This includes heavy lifting, strenuous exercise, sexual activity, bending at the waist, and so forth. By putting a focus on rest, patients will be able to avoid a number of serious problems down the road.

With the above in mind, it should be noted that some walking around the home is beneficial to healing in that it improves circulation and prevents blood clots from occurring. Patients can slowly return to normal physical activities once they are cleared by their surgeon.

What to Expect in the Early Days of Recovery

In the first days after undergoing tummy tuck surgery, patients can expect a fair amount of discomfort, pain, swelling, bruising, and fatigue. This is to be expected following any major surgery, and the symptoms will abate with time. Generally, significant bruising and swelling will have faded by the end of two weeks.

Use Surgical Drainage Tubes as Instructed

Patients will notice a fair amount of drainage from the tubes that are placed. This is normal as well. Patients will want to drain the accumulated fluid regularly and note anything that seems amiss about the color of the drained fluid. Full instructions about draining from the drainage tubes will be provided during the consultation process.

Wearing a Compression Garment Is Important

Compression garments are commonly worn following tummy tuck surgery in order to provide the tissues that were operated upon with proper support during the healing process. Some patients report reduced swelling and better overall recovery process thanks to these surgical compression garments. Be sure to follow all instructions for use closely.

Attend All Follow-Up Visits as Scheduled

The first follow-up visit after tummy tuck surgery will typically occur within the first week after surgery. Patients should attend all follow-up visits as scheduled as these will allow them to have their healing progress properly monitored during all phases of recovery. The drainage tubes will also be removed during one of the follow-up visits, and should only be done by a trained surgeon.

What to Expect in the Months Ahead

In the weeks and months ahead, patients will return to their normal physical activities and will also notice steady reductions in swelling, numbness, tingling, and so forth. Patients will note that their scars will fade over time, and that the incisions sites themselves are well hidden by many undergarments and bathing suits.

Schedule a Consultation at The Landings Surgical Centre

To learn more about tummy tuck and your many other options for advanced body contouring and sculpting, be sure to contact our cosmetic skin care and plastic surgery practice today. We at The Landings Surgical Centre look forward to your visit and helping you achieve all of your aesthetic goals.

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