Breast Reduction Techniques By The Landings Surgical Centre on April 04, 2018

Photo of woman in black bra holding her hands over her breastsBreast reduction is a common treatment that can improve the overall quality of life for women who feel their breasts are too large. In addition to aesthetic preferences, a breast reduction can alleviate back pain, skin irritation, and other discomfort. 

Here, our team at The Landings Surgical Centre, serving patients in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, discuss breast reduction techniques so you can be well informed of your treatment options. 

Wise Pattern Breast Reduction

Also referred to as the Anchor or Inverted-T, the Wise Pattern Breast Reduction is on of the most effective breast reduction techniques. 

To perform this type of reduction, an incision is created around the areola. Next, the incision line continues down the lower half of the breast. Finally, another incision is created in the crease just beneath the breasts. 

This particular incision placement allows your surgeon to move skin both horizontally and vertically, offering maximum control of your results.

There is only one disadvantage concerning the wise pattern breast reduction: the scars are longer than those of alternative techniques. 

Lollipop Breast Reduction

Similar to a wide pattern breast reduction, the lollipop technique uses some of the same incision techniques. The incisions around the areola and down the center of the breast are the same. The incision along the crease of the breasts is altogether eliminated. This option is often used for women who desire mild to moderate changes. However, it should not be considered for women with extremely large breasts. 

Donut Breast Reduction

Women who have mildly enlarged breasts can benefit from the donut, or Benelli, breast reduction. During this procedure, there is only one incision created around the perimeter of the areola. This technique should not be performed on women with particularly large breasts, as the areola may become flattened out or stretched. 

No Vertical Scar Breast Reduction

As the name suggests, this technique does not include a vertical incision down the lower half of the breast. Rather, the procedure is performed with an incision around the areola and an incision along the breast crease. Generally, this technique is reserved for women who have sagging or drooping breasts. It should also be noted that the resulting breast shape may not be optimal since the skin cannot be moved in the horizontal axis. 

Virtually Scarless Breast Reduction

This type of breast reduction is achieved solely through liposuction. Therefore, only fat deposits will be removed, as glandular tissue cannot be eliminated with liposuction. It can be a bit unpredictable, as your surgeon will not know how much tissue is fat and how much tissue is glandular until the procedure begins. As a result, the outcome of this treatment could be disappointing for some patients. 

Generally, the scarless breast reduction technique is recommended for patients who only need minimal volume removed and who do not necessitate a breast lift.

Learn More about Breast Reduction

If you are considering breast reduction, you have several treatment options. When you schedule a consultation at The Landings Surgery Centre, we can help you determine which technique will meet your specific needs. You can call us at (866) 928-0023 or contact us online anytime.

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